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Emotiva XPA HC-1


 Class A/B Monoblock Power Amplifier; Output: 300 watts RMS @ 8 Ohms & 600 watts
RMS @ 4 Ohms

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The power amplifier performs the simple but critical job of boosting the output signals from each channel of your stereo preamp or surround sound processor to the level necessary to drive your loudspeakers. While this may seem trivial, a really good power amp is essential to having a great audio system, because any flaws in the performance of your power amp are going to limit the performance of your entire system. Every amplifier in the new Third Generation XPA series was carefully designed to deliver superb technical performance, unsurpassed sound quality, and an exceptionally accurate and dynamic rendition of all types of music, thus ensuring that your entire system will sound its absolute best. Each individual XPA amplifier is modular, and can be customized to provide exactly the power and number of channels you need today, and expanded later if your needs change; and multiple matching chassis enables you to add even more channels, or more power, for a nearly endless variety of options.




The new XPA HC-1 is a true monoblock power amplifier and features a single high-power XPAGen3 amplifier module, powered by its own dedicated massive switch mode power supply (SMPS). If you’ve been considering our other XPA Gen3 models, but you’ve really got your heart set on monoblocks, then the XPA HC-1 is the amplifier you need to get your hands on.

The chassis on the XPA HC-1 is the same height and depth as our other XPA Gen3 models, but half as wide, making it easy to position an XPA HC-1 near each of your main speakers or arrange several of them side by side in your equipment rack. We’ve kept the sides clear of ventilation slots, so there’s no problem setting them directly next to each other. If you’re looking for a single amplifier to power your center channel, a pair of monoblocks to power your main speakers, or a full set to power a surround sound system, then the XPA HC-1 is probably the perfect amplifier for you.

Consider using a single XPA HC-1 to power your high-end center channel, or a pair to power your front left and right speakers, or a set of three to power all three critical front channels. And, of course, a full set of XPA HC-1 amps, powering all of your speakers, would be tough to beat.

1 High-Powered Single-Channel Modules

Power output:
300 watts RMS into 8 Ohms
600 watts RMS into 4 Ohms

Why You Need A Dedicated Power Amplifier

Most experts agree that, if you want the absolute best sound quality and technical performance, separate components are the way to go. Our new Third Generation XPA series power amplifiers are all designed from the ground up to perform a single critical task – to accurately reproduce every detail and nuance of your music. By focusing all of our efforts on that one goal, we’ve been able to design an amplifier that performs its job with remarkable precision and avoids most of the compromises that limit lesser designs.

The Joys of Joining the Monoblock Club

All of the models in our XPA Gen3 line of amplifiers perform really well and sound superb. However, to a true audiophile, “there’s just something about a monoblock,” and that probably won’t ever change. Because each channel has its own amplifier, its own dedicated power supply, and its own chassis and power cable, you’ll never have to even wonder about interactions between the channels, or about running a tiny bit short of power when a particularly demanding piece of music comes along. Owning monoblocks is like owning a sports car: you may not need them, but you know you want them, and here’s your chance. Wanting to rack mount your new amps? Check out our HCRE-1 Chassis Coupler and Rack Ear Kits available here.

Experience Meets Cutting Edge Technology

When we set out to design the latest version of our XPA series of amplifiers, we analyzed everything in every amp we’ve ever made, from front to back, inside and out. By combining years of design experience, with a thorough understanding of recent advances in audio technology, we were able to determine several areas where we could improve on our previous designs. After carefully weighing all the options, we kept the best features of our previous models, added some new technology where we determined it would actually deliver significant improvements, and optimized several operating parameters to ensure that it would all work together flawlessly. The new Third Generation represents a substantial improvement for our highly acclaimed XPA series of amplifiers – and delivers improvements in both technical performance and sound quality.

Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

One of the main limitations of traditional amplifier designs has always been the power supply. Until recently, a power supply that could deliver enough current to run a modern high-powered amplifier required a bulky transformer and large filter capacitors. While these traditional power supplies delivered good performance, they were heavy, expensive, and inefficient. For years, precision components like preamps and processors used regulated power supplies, but regulated supplies powerful enough to be used in large amplifiers remained complex and prohibitively expensive.

Thanks in part to recent advances in power supply technology we’ve finally overcome this limitation. One of the design enhancements shared by all of our new XPA power amplifiers is our new, specially designed, high current, switch mode power supply (SMPS). Our powerful, intelligent new power supply offers all of the benefits of a classic transformer-based design but avoids virtually all of the limitations. It can deliver over 3 kW of fully regulated power, which ensures optimum performance under a wide range of load conditions, and plenty of dynamic power to ensure that musical peaks will never be compressed or limited. However, it’s also more efficient, more reliable, and much lighter. (Our revolutionary new SMPS has enabled us to reduce the weight of our new amplifiers by about 30%, making them easier to ship, and easier to install in your equipment rack or shelf.)


Class A/B Sound Quality Meets Optimized Class H Efficiency

The High-Powered Single Channel Module used in the XPA HC-1 utilizes a fully analog Class A/B output stage, and our highly regarded Soft-Switch™ Optimized Class H power supply topology, which increases its efficiency significantly without compromising its superb Class A/B performance and sound quality. At low power levels, the output stage operates on a relatively low supply voltage, to minimize quiescent power consumption and standby power losses. Then,when the demand for power increases, it instantly and seamlessly switches to a higher voltage rail to ensure that the signal passes cleanly and without clipping. This process happens on a continuous basis – in real time, allowing greater overall efficiency, cooler operation, longer component life, reduced power consumption, and increased reliability.


Designed and Assembled in the USA with Globally Sourced Components

All of our new Third Generation XPA power amplifiers, including the XPA HC-1, are designed, assembled, and tested in the USA. Assembling products here in the USA gives us exceptional control over every facet of the design and production process, which helps us build the highest quality products for our customers while minimizing unnecessary complications and production delays. Each Emotiva amplifier is carefully designed with premium components to deliver a stunningly capable, reliable, and refined system.

Note: To ensure that amplifier channels are always installed properly, and function to our specifications, amplifier modules must be installed by Emotiva, or by your local authorized Emotiva service representative.



Power output: 300 watts RMS into 8 Ohms | 600 watts into 4 Ohms

Audiophile quality Class A/B output stage.

Balanced and unbalanced inputs for compatibility with a wide variety of preamps and surround sound processors.

Design Topology

Class A/B output stage with Optimized Class H power supply topology for improved efficiency.

Regulated switch mode power supply combines massive power capability, high reliability, excellent performance, and reduced weight.


True audiophile monoblock.

Universal AC power automatically selects the proper line voltage for easy installation in a wide variety of locations.

Comprehensive yet transparent protection circuitry protects from most common fault conditions without degrading sound quality.


Dimensions: 8-3/8″ x 19″ x 8″ (including feet)

Weight: 21.5 lbs (unboxed)

Power Requirements: 100 – 250 VAC 50/60 Hz (automatically detected).




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