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Image result for australian monitor logo 500 watt mixer amplifier, class D, 1RU, 9 inputs channels,12V phantom power,bluetooth,SD card playback,100V, 70V & 4Ω outputs. 3 priority channels, standard tones on board and customisable tone generator.

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  • 1RU rack mount
  • 500 watt 4Ω / 70V and 100V outputs
  • Class D amplifier stage
  • 9 audio input channels. 6 rear & 3.5mm line, Bluetooth and MP3
  • Individual gain/equalisation control on all external audio inputs
  • Priority mute control on channels 1-3, with level and time release control
  • Magnetic cover for customer concealed eq and gain controls
  • 12 VDC phantom power
  • Embedded tone generator for bell/alert/evac/chime/ intruder plus 11 fully customisable user tones
  • Embedded MP3 player via onboard SD card socket  supporting random, sequenced and single playback
  • Bluetooth 3.0+EDR audio receiver supporting advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP)
  • Tamper-proof channel attenuation by disabling external volume controls
  • Voltage controlled input attenuation (VCA)
  • Signal, Status, Clip Protection indicators
  • Clip/Thermal/Short and Under/Over voltage protection



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