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Image result for australian monitor logo 250 watt mixer amplifier, class D, 1RU, 9 inputs channels,12V phantom power,bluetooth,SD card playback,100V, 70V & 4Ω outputs. 3 priority channels, standard tones on board and customisable tone generator.

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250W Mixer Amplifier
MP3 Player, Bluetooth, Tones

The HS series is Australian Monitor’s next generation of Class D mixer amplifiers, delivering high quality audio reinforcement with the power you need – 60, 120, 250 and 500 watt options, all in a one rack unit package.

Our new amplifiers are fully featured, offering 7 external and 2 internal audio input channels, each channel offering individual channel volume control, equalizer and gain control. An inbuilt user-customizable tone generator, MP3 player, Bluetooth module, 3.5mm jack and USB charger are included as standard in all models.

The HS series has been designed with all of the features and power to suit a vast range of installations, from the boardroom to the classroom, school hall to bar, restaurant or function space.




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