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Fyne Install Series


Fyne Audio’s Home Install loudspeakers bring the refined sound and engineering excellence synonymous with the brand to a range of discreet in-ceiling and in-wall fitting models. Easy to install and offering seamless integration with Fyne’s freestanding speakers, the FA300iC and FA500iC models are ideal for invisibly integrating stereo music or tastefully adding multichannel sound.

Timbre and efficiency matched to Fyne’s F300 and F500 series, the FA300iC and FA500iC use the same award-winning drivers as their freestanding counterparts. Each model has a bespoke crossover developed to work at their best in a typical in-ceiling or in-wall “infinite baffle” configuration and offer the widest range of amplifier compatibility. The result is all the dynamics, detail and musical articulation customers have come to expect from Fyne’s award-winning F300 and F500 series, in a custom installation speaker for the home.

Designed for DIY or residential installers, each model features easy cut-out templates, quick-fit dogleg clamps and sprung binding post cable terminals for easy connection. Several models in the range come supplied with both round and square fully paintable magnetic grilles, each with an acoustically transparent cloth lining to blend seamlessly into the decor.

Speedy to fit, easy to connect and offering an easy load for any amplifier, Fyne’s Home Install offering allows you to discreetly add outstanding audio performance to any room.

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