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Edge W


Image result for cambridge audio logo Flagship Power Amplifier 200 Watts Per Channel

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Perfect partner
Designed to match the Edge NQ pre-amp/streamer, the Edge W power amp adds the brawn to the NQ’s considerable brains. With the two sharing the same development process and sonic tuning, the sound signature of both is perfectly matched.

Highly developed sound
Painstakingly developed over many years, the Edge W was tuned not by machine but by countless listening sessions. Once perfected, the end result delivers perfect musical balance with nothing added or taken away. With every component selected by ear, the Edge W sounds closer to live music than ever. If you want to hear what the musician hears, listen to this.

Less is more
Thanks to a thorough design process, the Edge W features just 14 components in its signal path. With each component having the potential to colour the sound, the fewer the better. Cambridge Audio’s minimalist approach gives the Edge W its faithful reproduction and sublime musicality.

Ultimate precision
Using twin toroidal transformers, the Edge W cancels electromagnetic interference. This gives lower distortion and an ‘inky black’ background, meaning you’ll hear every subtle detail of music – no matter how quiet.

Power to match the precision
This highly developed hybrid amplifier has no problem driving hard as it does sounding precise. Packing a true 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms and a monstrous 200 watts at 4 ohms, the Edge W is unfazed by almost any speaker. Unlike some high-end amplifiers, this is one design that takes difficult speakers in its stride.

Style and substance in perfect harmony
The Cambridge Edge W looks every bit as exquisite as it sounds. Using the same principles of precision and ‘nothing added’, the minimalist design is timeless. The smooth, all-metal casing is also crafted to the highest standards.





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